The Sulphur High School Golden Tornadoes are gearing up for a big district game on Friday Night as they are taking on district rival Sam Houston Broncos... There is more to Friday Night's game than just a big district game, it will also be the 1,000th game in Tornado Football history.

14-0 Productions
14-0 Productions

2024 is the 94th year that organized football has been played in Sulphur, as this will be game number one thousand for the storied program.

Through those 90+ years of football, the Sulphur Football program has achieved heights that many teams throughout the state can only desire to do. The Tors have played in 8 State Championship games while being crowned Champions in 4 of those games. The Tors captured titles in 1943, 1944, 1946, and 1965. Though it has been nearly 60 years since the program won a State Championship, the Tors did make it back to the Superdome in 2006.

The first organized football game at Sulphur High was played in September 1930. Our friends at Sulphur Golden Tors on Twitter recently shared this article that is a blast from the past. The featured story on the first game for Sulphur High in September 1930 from the Lake Charles American Press.

Lake Charles American Press & Sulphur Golden Tor Twitter
Lake Charles American Press & Sulphur Golden Tor Twitter

The Tors will play that 1,000th game on Friday Night in Moss Bluff as they take on the 4-0 Sam Houston Broncos in district play.

With all of this talk about the 1930's, I wanted to look back at what things were like during that time...

Price of Gas:
1930 - $.20/gallon
2023 - $3.19/gallon

Price of Milk:
1930 - $.30/gallon
2023 - $4.31/gallon

That is quite the difference in only two items. Think about sporting events back then, it may have cost .25 to get into a High School Football game, where now most Stadiums charge around $10.

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