With all the negative publicity in recent weeks surrounding the wearing of "creepy clown" masks, you'd think that would have slowed the sale of the products. The increased conversation has had quite the opposite effect. Leah Miller is the District Manager for Spirit Halloween in Louisiana. She told the Louisiana Radio Network,

It’s been the total opposite. It’s actually increased our number of sales as far as clown merchandise goes.

Since there will likely be an abundance of those clowns roaming the streets it's probably a good thing there will be a lot of superheroes roaming around on Halloween as well.  The manager of Spirit Halloween in Alexandria, Caitlyn Piacitelli told the Louisiana Radio Network,

No matter what movie’s out, it’s always Batman, Superman, those sell really, really well as well.

The movies that Miller is referring to are the Suicide Squad movie as well as the new Star Wars movie.

The manager of Spirit Halloween in Alexandria, Caitlyn Piacitelli said about her store,

Girls seem to be all wanting Harley Quinn. Every time I get a shipment of the new Suicide Squad Harley Quinn stuff, within that week it’s all gone.

I guess we've come a long way from the homemade costumes of my youth. When I was a kid you could be a pirate, a hobo, or a ghost. These costumes only required some of Dad's old clothes, some of Mom's makeup, and maybe an old sheet.  We seemed to have just as much fun, get just as much candy, and we didn't bankrupt our parents for one night of mischief.


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