SWLA's first ever balloon festival is coming! We can start looking up July 19-20 as hot air balloons take over the skies. Balloon Pilot Pat Harwell of American Escapes Aerosports says SWLA will start seeing balloons floating around the area a day or two before. Pat and his wife, Susan, have almost 50 years of experience in ballooning and hold multiple world records for the sport.


During the press conference, Harwell even encourage local land owners to place white sheets on their property to let the balloonists it would be "OK" to land on their sites after departing from Chennault.

A white sheet placed on a persons land signifies to a passing balloonist that the area is clear. It's a great way to meet new people, and lets a balloonist know they are welcome to land in that area.


One of the organizers, Brandon Beard, discussed the many events happening during this weekend including a BBQ Cook-Off, live entertainment, and even a beer tasting. The two day event will have a "church night" on Friday with both local and national artists performing. Saturday will consist of VIP Beer tasting, BBQ, and live music. Both nights will also include a giant fireworks display for the public to enjoy.


Now, for the ticket prices.

General Admission $15 (Discounts will be available for Teachers, First Responders, and Military)

Beer Tasting - $50 (also includes price of admission)

VIP - $125 (includes admission and air conditioned bathrooms and air conditioned tent access during the event)

Tethered and Non-Tethered rides will also be offered during the weekend for the public to enjoy.

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For more information, you can contact Brandon Beard at 337-322-0007 or visit their website OR follow their Facebook Page.

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