I don't know where you mind was, but you clicked the link to read this post so here we go! Tomorrow, Thursday, July 18, I will be at Billy Navarre Nissan in Lake Charles along with a real hot air balloon. The balloon is one of many that will be in town this weekend for the SWLA Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Balloon festlval
SWLA Balloon Festival

The balloon will begin to be inflated starting at 5:00am tomorrow and will be tethered to a Nissan Titan. During the morning, they will be offering tethered balloon rides sponsored by Billy Navarre Nissan. Of course, yours truly will sneak in for a ride and call in to the Morning Show with Mike Soileau to talk all about it. Plus, I'll go Facebook live for a bird's eye view from the balloon's gondola.

You won't want to miss it!

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