Gyth isn't the only Louisiana boy killing it on a national singing contest!

I feel like Livingston, Louisiana's Laine Hardy isn't getting the local coverage he deserves.  And his journey to the Top 3 on American Idol is a very unique story.

Laine first tried out for American Idol last year at the age of 17.  He was a country boy who was blindsided and overwhelmed by the experience.

Here's his first audition back in 2018:

He was quickly voted out because he wasn't familiar with popular songs on the radio and forgot lyrics during his performances.  Because of that, it was obvious he wasn't ready.

Fast forward to 2019.  Laine once again went to an American Idol tryout.  However, this time he was just there to play guitar for his friend Ashton Gill.  The judges recognized him and made him try out for the show.  And of course, with a voice like his, he made it...again!

This time, you can tell he's ready to become a star.  He's polished, not only with his voice but with his look.  In my opinion, Laine looks like a young Elvis know and he has the swagger and southern charm to go along with it.

Here's his performance that got him into the Top 3 on American Idol:

Laine is poised to win this season on Idol.  He has some stiff competition, be overall he is the total package.

The American Idol Grand-Finale is this Sunday at 7pm on ABC.

Make sure you tune in and vote for Laine so we can get him and Gyth as the winners of the 2 biggest singing competitions in the world!

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