Here in Southwest Louisiana, we have plenty of talented people whether it's painters, designers, musicians, singers, athletes, etc. Another of our Hometown folk has announced they have been invited to audition for the next season of American Idol!

Chesney Claire//Facebook
Chesney Claire//Facebook

Chesney Claire is a Pop singer/songwriter that was born in July of 2001 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She was named after country Music star, Kenny Chesney. Her first vocal lesson was at 9 with Tony Orlando's Band in Branson, MO. At age 11, she took vocal lessons from Chubby Checker and his band.

Chesney attended and graduated from Bell City High School in 2019. After Graduation, Chesney moved to Branson, Missouri to work and ultimately begin her music career. With the help of Producer Rich Brown and Atlantis Recording, Chesney would successfully record and release 6 cover singles. During her time in Branson, Chesney's talents caught the attention of some Las Vegas Producers and songwriters.


  • 4x World Songwriting Award Winner
  • Josie Award Rising Star Female of the Year 2022
  • She has been Balloted for 5 Grammy Nominations in 2022.
  • Female Vocalist of the Year Indie Star Radio Hollywood 2020
  • Voting Member of the Recording Academy Class of 2022

On Wednesday, Chesney announced she has heard back from the producers of the TV show American Idol and they have invited her for an audition next week.

To check out some of  Chesney's music CLICK HERE.

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