Watch This Brave Bird as it Wakes The Cat [VIDEO]
Here's a video of a bird and cat. Now everybody knows that a cat spends half it's life chasing and trying to catch and eat a bird. I guess it tastes like chicken. But watch this bird as it goes up to the cat and attempts to wake it up. Apparently they are friends and playmates...
Those Pesky Squirrels! [VIDEO]
It really irks me to fill the bird feeder one day and it is empty the next. I know the birds are hungry and I am trying to help. The problem is that the squirrels are little pigs in disguise!
This Weird Bird Flew Into My Yard
I was home alone at our house in Moss Bluff. I was working in the yard when I saw a very strange looking woodpecker. Our feeder attracts several Woodpeckers; but it had never attracted one like this.

This woodpecker was an amazing bird...