Is Splenda Really That Bad For You
Whiskey in your water, Splenda in your tea, what's this artificial sweetener doing to me? My wife adds Coffee Mate and an artificial sweeteners to her coffee. So there is not much real in that coffee and that worries me a little. After reading this you may worry a little also.
Sleep Position May Determine Your Personaility
According to a Yahoo Health report your sleep habits may be more revealing than you think, according to a surprising new study. A body language expert has analyzed common sleep positions and reports that they can reveal how stressed you are...
New Research Reveals Egg Yolk Is As Unhealthy as Cigarettes
Just short of playing Russian roulette at the breakfast table, the consensus seems to be that we are all doomed without a doubt, as the latest chapter of the great American death machine has just revealed that eating egg yolk may be just as bad as smoking cigarettes.
So what in the name of Joe Camel …
Consumers Drink More Soft Drinks Than Water
It's no secret that Americans are overweight.  This story from Advertising Age shows us why.
Soda is still the most-consumed beverage in the U.S., with the average consumer chugging nearly 45 gallons of the fizzy stuff last year. So it's no coincidence that three of the biggest measured-media budgets…
Coffee. The New Birth Control?
Drinking Maxwell House may mean women won't see any newbies in their house.
Research out of the University of Nevada suggests women who drink caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and soda have a tough time getting pregnant.
Sitting Can Kill You?
After being in RADIO all this time, you can imagine how THRILLED we were to discover this news...
People who sit most of the day have a 54 percent greater risk of heart attack than those who spend a good chunk of the day standing.