Mardi Gras Patrols
With everyone getting excited and prepared for the Mardi Gras weekend and the festivities on Monday and Tuesday, we need to stop and think about also being responsible during the season.
NOLA gets Patrol Bump
I can remember President Reagan telling Americans that they should be responsible for helping each other instead of the counting on the government for everything. This would be a perfect example of that
Trooper Raise
State representatives and senators voted to give Louisiana State Troopers a 20% raise. Starting pay for troopers will go from $35,000 to $42,000 per year. We wondered what you thought about this raise.
Louisiana State Police Placing Move Over Signs To Save Lifes
I spend a lot of time driving on I-10 and I see it everyday. Drivers who do not move over for emergency vehicles (or vehicles that have stopped in the emergency lane.) I also see drivers in the inside lane ride beside vehicles preventing them from moving over when needed. This is not just dangerous …

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