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Senator Mary Landrieu Does the Wobble
Whether you agree with Mary Landrieu's politics or not .... you have to admit that she has fun. A few weeks ago she assisted with a keg stand at an LSU tailgate party. According to NOLA.com Mary Landrieu broke into the Wobble at a Southern University Homecoming tailgate party.

Latest Political Memes From Facebook
The rumor is that the government may re-open today. Does that mean that the government will resume it's dysfunctional activities  at full strength. Facebook artist are having a ball with this although some of it's featured memes are just mean!
Dead Candidate Wins Election in Alabama
If there's any doubt how strong the GOP's hold on Alabama is, consider this -- a Republican nominee beat out the Democratic incumbent for a seat on the Bibb County Commission last week despite the fact that he died a month earlier.