What Could You Buy With the $1,000 You Could Win
Yes we are the station giving you two chances each weekday to win $1,000. We thought we would give you some ideas on what you could buy with $1,000. We even give you the links so you can just click and shop after you win your $1,000.
10 Bets You Can Always Win – But May Get You Punched [VIDEO]
Feeling a little down on your luck? Well don't go out and try to drown your sorrows but you can go out and try these bar games that you will always win. This of coarse is just for fun so don't go spending a lot of money betting everybody you see because it could get you a black eye or wors…
Win $1,000 -- Twice a Day
It's that time again. Pirates are poised to take over our city. Jean Lafite and his crew will sail into the familiar waters of Lake Charles and the party begins. You probably know Pirates consume massive amounts of Rum. This makes them a wee bit forgetful. The pirates bad memory means you can w…
10 More Amazing Bets You Will Always Win [VIDEO]
Now I don't know about you but I don't win at much of anything. I go to the casinos, and lose, I went to the horse races once and the horse I bet on didn't even run. So it was refreshing for me when I found something I can Always Win at.

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