The Katy, Texas CiCi's Pizza has a new challenge for all you pizza lovers. They are calling it the "Pizza Challenge" (minus points for not coming up with a great name, but it is straight to the point). The challenge states that two people have one hour (it was originally two hours, but that was an error that they corrected) to eat a 28" pizza and down two 32oz drinks. If the duo can do it, CiCi's in Katy will award the gastro giants $500!

Contestants In Wookey Hole Mince Pie Eating Competition
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According to their Facebook page, the challenge has been tried off and on, but they finally got a pair of winners to show off to the world of social media. Remington Richardson and Andy Shipman went in with their hopes high and stomachs empty. They completed the challenge in time and walked out with $500.

CiCi's does say on their Facebook page that they don't know how long the challenge will last or if they will modify it any time soon. The cost to enter the contest is only $50, so split that with your partner and it makes for one heck of an investment if you succeed. They also say in the rules that you cannot get up from the table for a "sick trip". So you better be ready to handle it.

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