Today is National Grammar Day. Most of us are aware of the basics when it comes to grammar, but here are six of the most common grammar mistakes we make every day.

1) They're vs. Their vs. There- Let's break this down. They're is a contraction of They and Are, their is something owned by a group, and there represents a place.

2) Its vs. It's- This one is hard for even the best writers. Its means possessive and It's is a contraction of It and Is.

3) Affect vs. Effect-  The simplest way to help with this is to use examples. That song had a great effect on me. That song affected me greatly.

4) Me vs. I- This is also one that is easier to explain with examples. When you finish typing up that proposal, can you send it to Mike and I? Incorrect The correct way would be written like this: When you finish typing up that proposal, can you send it to me and Mike? (The trick to knowing whether to use I or Me is to see how the sentence would read if you took out the other person.)

5) Compliment vs. Complement- These are pronounced the same but mean very different things. Complement means that it completes something by making it beautiful or better. Compliment means an expression of praise (as a noun) or to praise someone (as a verb).

6) Lose vs. Loose- Lose means to be unable to find something or someone and can also mean to fail at a win. Loose means not tight, attached, or held.

If you think you are pretty good at grammar, then test your skills now!

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