The music video for the Dryes' new song "Whites Creek" finds a young couple moving into their dream home. That's not a stretch for the married country duo.

Katelyn and Derek Drye moved from a one-bedroom apartment to a one-acre homestead in Whites Creek, Tenn., during the pandemic. The song doesn't zero in on that story specifically as much as it does the importance of having a comfortable home. The music — premiering exclusively on Taste of Country — is a little more literal, but fans will still fall for a familiar country theme.

"For us, this video represents what it means to find peace away from the hustle and daily demands that life brings," Derek Drye tells Taste of Country. "Visually, it loosely depicts our personal journey from the city to where we’re planting roots ... we wanted to bring the little town outside of Nashville on screen so we filmed our performance in the local hardware store."

Katelyn shares the story of how, while recording the song amid a pandemic, they ended up getting approved to buy this home in Whites Creek. As they closed, their next musical chapter began.

"We all need a little house, lovers arms, down in Whites Creek," she says, echoing the song's chorus.

Previous singles from the Dryes include a song called "War" that explains the heartbreak Derek felt over never knowing his mother. In 2020 they released "Yes" and a funky country lover called "Take You Dancin'."

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