There's nothing like looking at a catalog filled with presents you could never afford to get you in the holiday spirit...

But really, has anyone ever purchased anything out of the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog? It's literally one of the most ridiculous things I've looked at in my life and, not gonna lie, I am judging you hard if you actual consider buying anything from it. I mean, who really wants a $120,000 slumber party at the Neiman Marcus store in Dallas? That doesn't even sound fun, especially not $120,000 worth of fun.

So, other than an over priced sleepover in a department store, what other ridiculous things could you buy your loved ones this Christmas?

  1. A Colbalt Valkyrie-X Private Plane in Rose Gold for $1.5 million, because a plain old non-rose gold private plane just doesn't cut it.
  2.  One-day Private Quaterback Camp with Joe Montana for a cool $65,000. Is it bad that I'm less of a Joe Montana fan after finding this out? Way to sell out, Joe!
  3. The Exclusive Grammy Awards Experience is only $500,000 so why not bring the whole family? I mean, it's not like you could watch the 59th Annual Grammy Awards on television or anything.
  4. A Walk-On Roll In The Smash Broadway Musical Waitress is $30,000. So, technically you're paying them to work? How is that a present?
  5. A Curated Collection of 30 Caldecott Medal Winning Children's Books is only $100,000, so if you have more than one kid you better buy them each a set! You know kids love books for Christmas.

I know what you're thinking, " I could buy all of that for under $2 million ($1,695,000 to be exact), what a deal!" Best Christmas ever!

If none of those fancy presents made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, no worries, there's plenty more where that came from. You can check out the entire Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog, aka the "2016 Fantasy Gifts", and get your holiday shopping on.

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