Perusing the internet, as I normally do, imagine my surprise when I discovered there is a nudist park right in Louisiana. It's called Indian Hills and it's located in Slidell, LA, of all places. It has a membership, but you can go as a guest to "try it out". The park has been open since the '90s and was started by a professor with the mindset of having a "free" place for people to relax and enjoy a way to escape from the world around them.

The park features activities such as volleyball, a swimming pool, Christmas in July, and even an annual Easter Egg Hunt. It does have a few rules: Nudity is required around the pool and clubhouse, never sit bare-bottomed on chairs, minimized cell phone use (including stickers being placed over cameras), and a 5mph speed limit throughout the park.

The idea behind the park is to promote naturism through nudity. Being free to truly be who you are with no judgement. I took a peek at their calendar. If you have no plans for Labor Day Weekend, you can pop over, hang out, and enjoy their Labor Day Luau this weekend.