You ever have one of those weeks from Hell? Nothing in your world is going right?

Gang, it didn't matter if I was at home, at work, with family, friends, at the grocery store, getting gas... NOTHING seemed to go right for yours truly! How about you? Here's what some of our Gator friends had to say on the matter:

Lauren Vincent Musta been the moon, I had the same kind of week!

Melissa Bourque Hmm speaking to my ears a week from HELL is being nice compared to the week we've had. Our only car broke down & our taxes that we need to fix it yep you guessed it was caught up in the glitch 2 weeks ago & now we have to wait 9 more weeks to get it so it can be reviewed to make sure there was no fraud in the process of it. My key broke off in the lock of the house door & maintenence doesn't consider it an emergency for the weekend so gotta wait till Monday. Along with the extra yea not a great week!

I'm just happy the weekend is here...




Candace Bergeron Yes sir! Jeepin' Always helps!

MaryJo Portie Nothing ' some Jeepin' can't make disappear!!!!

Misty Castille Takin' the Jeep out always helps!!! Hope this week is better for us all!


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