If you have a Jeep, you might want to listen up! National Go Topless day is May 18, and there is an event happening once again in our very own backyard. National Go Topless Day was started years ago with the idea that Spring has arrived, and Summer is quickly approaching. In the Jeep world, that means it's time to pop those tops off!

Each year, Jeepers all over the world participate in the day, and in their very own ways. Clubs will have off-roading events, charity drives, or just head down to the beach and catch some sun. The closest "beach" event was at Crystal Beach in Texas, until last year. Go Topless Weekend on the Cajun Riviera was started by a group of liked-minded people who are from Louisiana, and were tired of traveling away while there was a perfectly beautiful beach right in their very own state.

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Last year, the organizers got together, grouped in with some local clubs, worked with the Cameron Parish Sheriff's office, and started their very own Topless Event. The thought was to begin to rebuild what Holly Beach and the surrounding area used to be, before Hurricane Rita. Rightfully, the locals to the area were a bit concerned. Organizers worked closely with the Sheriff's office to assure them that they would do there very best to be as respectful to the area as possible. The clubs began to rent out cabins and trailers until there were none left. Once there was "no more room at the Inn", they camped on the beach for the weekend.

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Over 200 Jeeps showed up to the beach that day, last year, and to add to it, our very own local Jeep club in Lake Charles, the Seven Slot Society of SWLA, sponsored a Jeep Clean up event the Sunday after. Jeepers from all over the state woke up, although a bit groggy, the next morning and began combing the beach for trash to be brought back to the large dumpster the club had delivered to the beach that weekend.

We appreciate the people of Holly Beach and Cameron Parish to give us their blessing, although a but reluctant. We wanted to leave this place even better than we found it, so we decided to have a dumpster delivered and have everyone get together and pick up trash that was left by other beach goers and not just what little trash might have been left behind after the event. We combed the beach for miles and ended up almost filling a 1 yard dumpster. - VP Seven Slot Society of SWLA

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This year, it seems that the idea has caught on. Organizers of the event are saying they are hearing that more places to rent from the locals were made available, but as fast as they were available, they were rented. Local vendors to the area are advertising on the events Facebook page to let the newbies to the area know what they sell, and that they will be available. It is expected that over 650 Jeeps will be in attendance this year, and with as big as Holly Beach is, there will be plenty of room to grow.

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All Jeepers (no matter the type), are invited to the free event and enjoy the beautiful beaches in Louisiana. The Seven Slot Society of SWLA is sponsoring another beach clean up day on the Sunday after to help live up to their motto of leaving nothing behind.

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