We all know that you never know what you're going to see during the summer here in South Louisiana.

Over the last few years, we have reported on multiple cases of alligators looking for a cool spot to hang out during the summer, which means they are crossing some major highways here in Southwest Louisiana. The most recent case we told you about was the alligator crossing the road nearing a worksite.

We all remember the alligator, basically a dinosaur, that was roaming around the Lake Charles Golden Nugget a few months back. That thing was humungous. 

Facebook/Stevie Guin
Facebook/Stevie Guin

A few days ago in South Louisiana, there was another sighting of an alligator on a main road in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. This one wasn't your typical alligator-crossing situation...

Stevie Guin, a South Louisiana native, was heading home from work last Wednesday when he was stopped at an intersection and saw something you don't typically see. A man was crossing the road through Thibodeaux with an alligator on his shoulders while wearing NO SHOES and it was caught on video!

The alligator was certainly alive as you can see in the short video that was posted on Facebook. You could see the gator moving around on the shoulders of the guy. The list of things we can see in South Louisiana during the summer continues to grow. Is there anything we won't see?

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