During the day I do not believe in ghosts. But at late at night, I find myself a tad bit more open minded.

I have been accused of a wild imagination. And when night arrives, and if there is something spooky on my television, my mind sometimes goes into hyper drive.

Yes, I admit that at even at 40 years of age... I sometimes hear that bump in the night.

Here's what some of our Gator friends have to say on the matter.

Kelly Garcia Beware of the tie ties under the bed.

Kris St. James Or Cujo in the closet!

Kelly Garcia Omg forgot about him!

Pam Lavergne Marks You mean MawMaw scared you about the monster under the bed Kris? She sure scared all the nieces and nephews. LOL.

Kris St. James She introduced me to Cujo... at 10 years old!

Well, there you go. The cat is out of the bag. Or should I say dog. And it was my grandma's fault! LOL