My youngest child will be leaving "the nest" soon, so my husband and I are in the process of redecorating parts of our house. Naturally, that involves purchasing new, not inexpensive things.

In my quest to find the best deal, I discovered several websites that offered amazing advice on saving money on everything from travel to treadmills. The secret is when you make that purchase.

Far be it from me to keep such fantastic frugality to myself!

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    First Quarter

    January/ February/ March suggests that large purchases like boats, gas grills, and air conditioners are items to put on your shopping list during the first quarter of the year. During the first quarter, most sites also list winter clothing and winter sports gear.

    In January, they also suggest motorcycles, Broadway tickets (which are not cheap ever!), furniture, and carpeting may be offered at reductions. Additionally, lists treadmills, ellipticals and bathroom scales. I'd presume those items go on sale because of the "lose weight" New Year's Resolution.

    Moving into February, both and recommend mattresses, while lists televisions.

    For obvious reasons, chocolate will show up on the clearance racks in March. However, some suggest digital cameras, golf equipment, and luggage may be a great purchase in the final month of the third quarter.

  • Tracy's house ominously waiting for paint
    Tracy's house ominously waiting for paint

    Second Quarter

    April/ May/ June

    If you want to buy a house, the second quarter of the year is the time to do it, according to

    They also peg April as the time to purchase a cruise. says April is the time to replace the carpeting, and buy that desktop or laptop.

    Moving into May, Consumer Reports has found that people, or more to the point retailers, have babies in mind. Their research indicates that you can get the best bang for your buck on high chairs and strollers if you buy them in the fifth month of the year. They also suggest paint, both interior and exterior. If your fridge is on the fritz, the best month for it to go kaput is in May. If your mattress is lumpy, says wait until May.

    June is the month to get a gym membership, an elliptical, or a treadmill, according to more than one site. Maybe folks are trying to restart their New Year's Resolution midyear, or retailers are attempting to plant the seed. If you want new furniture, Consumer Reports says June is your month!

  • Third Quarter

    July/ August/ September

    Want a new computer? Third quarter is the time to buy. At least, that's what says.

    They also suggest purchasing furniture and home décor in July. If you want to make improvement to the outside of your house, Consumer Reports lists decking, paint, siding, and stains as good purchases for this month. Summer clothing also starts to go on sale.

    If your air conditioning window unit is not giving you relief, look for sales to start in August. Also, with children going back to school, supplies will be on sale, and you can also save on things you'll need around the office.

    September is the month you want to buy airline tickets for travel during the holidays, according to Not surprisingly, Consumer Reports says that lawn mowers and tractors are also a good buy in the month of September. Check out wine prices, too.



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    Fourth Quarter

    October/ November/ December

    No shock in that almost every site I visited suggested that the fourth quarter of the year is the time to buy that new gas grill.

    Consumer Reports recommends waiting until October to purchase your lawn equipment.'s chart lists appliances as good buys in both October and November, while Consumer Reports would have you hold on to your cash until December. The consensus seems to be that televisions and electronics purchases are great for the last two months of the year, presumably because of Black Friday and Christmas sales.

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