Adulting is hard and one of the things we must tackle regularly is going to the store to get food and items we need for our homes and family. Lately, one of the concerns for most households is the price of goods steadily rising and it seems like every time you visit the store, the same item's prices go up each time you go.

Then of course, after you finish your shopping, you have to deal with the dreaded checkout lines or the lack thereof. Either there is only one or if you are lucky two checkouts with actual people behind a register to check you out. You may not see any; the self-checkout kiosks are the only thing available, and that is when you have to check yourself out.

Target Posts Strong Quarterly Earnings
Target (Getty Images)

If you are on any social media sites, you most likely have seen people posting about the struggles of having to check out themselves or that there was only one live person at a checkout that was available to them.

You may have not seen the news back in March so we wanted to pass it along to you. Target announced that they made big changes to their self-checkouts. Target announced that they switched their regular self-checkouts to express self-checkouts and now limit customers to 10 items or fewer.

According to ABC News,

Target has brought a change to what was considered a quicker alternative for its customers to make purchases at its stores. The change was brought into effect as of Sunday, March 17, at most of the company’s 2000 locations nationwide.

Major Retailers Begin Black Friday Sales Thanksgiving Night
Target Black Friday (Getty Images)

So the next time you head into a Target in Louisiana, you will need to be aware of the changes.

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