A survey from News Shopper found the Top 10 moments when people are most superstitious.

It got me thinking, do I have any superstitions?  I like to open and close my radio show the same every time.  I don't know if that is me just trying to create a familiarity for listeners to have with my show, or if it's a superstition.  I do think this is one, though: in high school, I played football, and I didn't wash my knee braces for 4 years.

All right, let's get to it. SURVEY SAYS:

When are people the most superstitious?

1.  When taking a test.

2.  When buying a lottery ticket.

3.  During a key life event, like getting married or buying a house.

4.  When you're looking for a new job.

5.  During Friday the 13th or Halloween.

6.  When getting on a flight.

7.  While watching your favorite team.

8.  When at a doctor's appointment.

9.  When taking your driving test.

10.  When you're trying to get a promotion.

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