We have searched the endless bounds of the world wide web, and found awesome random facts about Friday the 13th!

Number 3 is hilarious to me, because people are actually staying home today to avoid something bad happening.  I hate to ruin the whole staying home thing, but people get hurt at home all the time.  Get off the couch and go to work!

Number 4 is crazy interesting!  I love facts like this.  It's crazy how this barely happens, and it's in October this year.  It just seems like every October should have a Friday the 13th.

5 Random Facts About Friday The 13th:

1.  74% of people say they've had bad luck on a Friday the 13th in the past, but that could just be people overstating things.

2.   Statistically speaking, today isn't any more dangerous than any other day.  A study out of Finland found there's no increase in bad things happening on Friday the 13th.

3.  5% of people plan to stay in their house all day today, just to be safe.

4.  This is only the fifth time in the past three decades that Friday the 13th has happened in October.  The previous years are: 1989, 1995, 2000, and 2006.

5.  Every single year has to have at least one Friday the 13th, and some years can have up to three.  The next one is in April of 2018.

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