Father's Day is right around the corner, and so are some great sales! So, if you're stuck on idea's of what to get dad this year why not take a peek at items that won't break the bank. According to FatWallet.com there are a handful of things on sale during the days leading up to Father's Day.

From tools to pool toys this list is sure to give you a few idea's for dad's big day!

  • Les Cunliffe
    Les Cunliffe


    Seriously, all things tools. From power tools to things to hold your tools in, the tool possibilities are endless for Father's Day! I mean, with some stores cutting prices on tools and tool related gifts up to 50% for the big day it's hard not to at least buy your dad a screw driver. You can never have too many screw drivers.

  • Lisa F. Young
    Lisa F. Young

    Home Improvement Stuff

    Isn't that the same thing as tools? Honestly, you might want to buy tools and home improvement stuff, because what is your dad going to do with stuff like building materials, paint and lighting fixtures with tools? Stop by stores like Home Depot or Sears for amazing deals on all things home improvement.

  • Jon Helgason
    Jon Helgason

    Men's Clothing

    Dad's not just down to fix the house for Father's Day, he wants to look good too! Many stores have amazing sales on men's summer clothes, like shorts, bathing suits, and sandals. And, of course, there are always great discounts on tie's for Father's Day.



    From gadget's like headphones and speakers to big screen TV's, stores knows electronics are a go-to gift for Father's Day, so they sales are usually pretty good.

  • Cristiano Ribeiro
    Cristiano Ribeiro

    Summer Stuff

    I'm not sure if camping gear, fishing stuff or things for the pool are on sale because summer is just starting, or because dad's love summer stuff, but either way there are some huge discounts going on at stores this month.

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