It is said that women dress for other women. That is why women pay attention to the way they look. Men dress because it's against the law to roam the streets in your boxers and flip flops. The world of fashion is a third world country to many of us fellows. The folks at eBay did a little survey hear are five of the leading fashion faux pas that men make.


  • Cancan Chu/Getty Images
    Cancan Chu/Getty Images

    Wearing Childish T-Shirts

    If this was determined to be against the law by the fashion police I would be in the designer version of Angola. Guys are big kids. We like wearing stuff that makes us feel like a kid. A SpongeBob shirt or a shirt that refers to "petting or asking about my Wookie" is just who we are. Fashion is supposed to compliment the wearer not restrict his ideals.

  • David Becker/Getty Images)
    David Becker/Getty Images)

    Too Many Accesories

    And that is why I don't wear a wedding ring. I don't want people to think I am over doing the bling. Seriously fellows nobody really likes the gold chain, the nugget ring, the pierced ears, and the nipple clamps. Leave that kind of crazy stuff the ladies. No wait, they shouldn't wear that either.

  • Chris Hondros/Getty Images
    Chris Hondros/Getty Images

    Dad Jeans

    As a gentleman of a certain age there comes a time when the body that is to be encased in the denim fabric no longer fulfills its obligation to look pert and firm. I think we older guys can make every pair of jeans look like Dad jeans. Are you saying you'd rather we wore shorts? That's a great idea. I am down with shorts.

  • Chris Hondros/Getty Images
    Chris Hondros/Getty Images

    Wearing A Backpack

    The only time to wear a backpack when you are an older male is if you are serving our nation in the military, camping, traveling across Europe, or if you're trying to sneak liquor into a stadium. Backpacks are for kids. There are a lot of the Millennial types who travel with their computer, the assorted cords, some Nutella, and various other Millennial accessories and they look stupid too. Think of it this way, a backpack is just a fanny pack that grew up.

  • Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images
    Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images

    Ill Fitting Suits & Dress Shirts

    The problem with grown up clothes as I like to call them is a lot of guys only wear that style occasionally. Usually somebody has to die or get married for us to put on a suit and or a dress shirt. The time between the last wearing can usually be calculated in months. So the chances of pants being too tight or shirts that strain at the buttons is pretty high. Trust me we hate wearing it more than you hate seeing us wear it.

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