Currently in the news over the weekend are all of the reports about a "Jeep Weekend" event going crazy in Crystal Beach, TX. The weekend is considered to be a national holiday to Jeep enthusiasts as a way to celebrate Summer time by take their tops off and enjoying the weather. The "holiday" typically falls on the 3rd Saturday of each May. "Jeep People" tend to get together with their own clubs, new clubs, and go out and enjoy the time together whether it be on a beach, in the mud, or off-roading.

In Crystal Beach, TX, residents and beach-goers were in shock as arrest after arrest was made due to underage drinking, reckless driving, and more. There are lots of fingers being pointed as to who is at fault for all of the issues, and with social media it is easier and easier to point those fingers.

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This article isn't made to point fingers, just to shed some light on the event that was put on by the GTW on the Cajun Riviera. The group was formed after its organizers decided they wanted to enjoy this "Topless Weekend" holiday in their own backyard.

Jeep clubs flocked down to the beach from all over Louisiana and Texas to enjoy a weekend in the sun.

We typically go to Florida for the weekend, but with Holly Beach being so close, more of our members were able to make the trip. We had over 60 members make the trip down, and we will be coming back next year for sure. - Louisiana Jeepers Member

Some of the clubs making an appearance to support the 2nd Annual Topless Weekend at Holly Beach were: The Seven Slot Society of SWLA, Louisiana Jeepers, Ft. Polk Jeepers, VooDoo Jeepers, Bottoms Up Jeepers, All Jacked Up Jeepers. That is just naming a few. The overall count for Jeeps on the beach reached 400, which is a huge increase over the inaugural year of roughly 160.

We aren't here to trash the beach or cause issues. We are doing our best to stay transparent with the Cameron Parish Sheriff and his deputies. They aren't going to bend the rules for anyone, and we do not want them to. They are here to make sure we are all safe and that everyone follows the rules of the beach. If someone is blatantly acting up, then it should be handled accordingly - Cajun Riviera Organizer

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The Seven Slot Society of SWLA, based in Lake Charles, even helped organize a beach clean up day on the Sunday after the event. They worked with the local company, Wilkerson, to provide a roll off dumpster to be parked at on of the main entrances of the beach on Riviera Lane.

Our club wanted to show respect to the beach and the residents of it. Our club's passion is to "Tread Lightly". We want to leave nothing behind that we brought in, except maybe a few trails in the sand. Wilkerson was kind enough to donate the dumpster to us. We encouraged everyone to do their part and pick up any trash they saw around them even if it wasn't theirs. When we left Sunday afternoon, the dumpster was half full and the areas around where we were looked like nothing had even happened. - VP Seven Slot Society of SWLA

The Lake Charles Jeep club also sold stickers and T Shirts during the weekend to help raise money for Audubon Louisiana to help protect nesting grounds for the migratory birds. Extreme Terrain will match up to $500 for every dollar raised by the club.

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As for next year? Despite the issues to the West, organizers of the GTW Cajun Riviera say they are already planning more activities, games, and prizes for it. They say they will continue to give back to the beach, keep an open ear to concerns, continue to work with the Cameron Parish Sheriff, and want to encourage all Jeep owners to join them next year.

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