A while back, I ran across an article talking about how Lake Charles could be getting a Torchy's Tacos. The Austin born taco restaurant is huge in Texas, and has a cult following for people that head West. Essentially think of it as the Bucees of tacos. The tease of it coming to Louisiana spread like wildfire. The dust has settled, and no other information was really given.

Torchy Tacos App 1

Now, it seems that Torchy's has posted 3 job positions on their website. Currently, Torchy's is taking applications for Assistant Manager, Kitchen Manager, and Managing Partner (which is a fancy name for General Manager). The site is open for resume' submissions for each position, but also has the option to submit your application for "future positions" that could come available.

Torchy Tacos App 2

During my trip to Colorado, The Louisiana Boy goes to Colorado, on our way back we stopped at the one in Amarillo. I am not a huge Tex-Mex fan, but Torchy's for sure won me over at the first bite! The atmosphere of the place was amazing and the food made it hard to stop ordering ALL of the tacos they had to offer.

Still no word on where it will be located in Lake Charles, but with this job application being on their website it still looks very promising!

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