Tracy Lawrence without his cowboy hat? It's a rare sight — so rare, in fact, that the country singer admits that removing his signature hat is an instantaneous disguise!

Ahead of the release of his new album, Made in America, Lawrence visited Taste of Country Nights to chat with hosts Evan and Amber. The artist spent his album's release day moving his daughter Skylar in at college — but he wasn't worried about other parents or his daughter's peers recognizing him. As he demonstrated to the radio show hosts, he looks very different sans cowboy hat.

That doesn't mean Lawrence is ready to go completely incognito when he goes to visit his daughter. He tells Taste of Country Nights that she's on the dance team, so he's been planning a few campus visits to see her perform at football games — and he wants to bring his tour bus for the tailgate!

Lawrence's daughter, however, has a different idea: "She said, 'Please don't bring the bus ... I just want you to be like everybody else,'" Lawrence shares. "So I promised her I'd tone it down a little bit."

Made in America, released on Aug. 16, is Lawrence's 14th studio album. During his full chat with Taste of Country Nights, he, Evan and Amber talk about the new project, family life and Lawrence's tour with Justin Moore.

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