As you wake up today, you will find that the cost of a US postal stamp has been increased for you to mail out your stuff.

Yesterday the cost of a postal stamp went up on a bunch of levels.

Now for a First Class forever stamp, the cost went from 49 cents to now 50 cents per stamp.  If you want to mail a post card is will now cost you 35 cents from the previous 34 cents.

Plus if you have metered stamps the cost is now 47 cents up from the previous cost of 46 cents.

As far a shipping cost, they have also went up.  The cost to mail a small, medium or large flat rat box has gone up five cents per package.  Also the cost of a regular, padded or legal flat rate envelope has also gone up five cents.

So next time you go to mail a letter or go to the post office you will see the price hikes.

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