Just like most of us, we are all food critics. We also have our own opinions on the best place to go for certain types of food. While I do enjoy entertaining the occasional food critic's opinion. I much prefer to "trust but verify" when it comes to certain places. Some "experts" we know and love don't always enjoy the foods others enjoy. For instance, Guy Fieri of the Food Network doesn't like eggs on dishes. They're ok to be in them but to have an actual egg as part of a dish, it's a hard pass for him. Andrew Zimmerman of Bizarre Foods eats the craziest things across the world. He doesn't eat SPAM. Of course, not a lot of people do, but you see where I am going with this.

Introducing the YouTube page named Lifestyle of Plep and Nameless. This is the first video I have run across of theirs, and honestly, they didn't do a bad job at it. They have done a few food reviews of the lake area in the past, but this one made me giggle a smidge for the fact of where they went for their "worst" dish.

YouTube Lifestyle of the Plep and Nameless
YouTube Lifestyle of the Plep and Nameless

The pair decide they are going to use Yelp reviews in order to find the best and worst place to eat specifically Tex-Mex in Lake Charles. First off, we don't do very well on the Yelp reviews in the area. We typically stick to Facebook for reviews because we tend to all be set in our ways. So right off the bat, I was already thinking that this "worst" place probably wouldn't be that bad. I was really wrong. They kept the business names a secret so as to not upset anyone or the owners. With their goal as just critiquing the food, I mostly agree with it. They set out to see if the reviews on Yelp were correct, NOT to actually see if these were the best or worst places to eat. Knowing how many Tex-Mex places we have in the area, I think they were wise to just go with the reviews and review the food.

First up with the "worst" review. They tried to keep it low-key and not really show off the name of the place. However, a few videos of the inside of the store showed exactly where they were if you have even spent 2 seconds in a gas station on Highway 14. They reviewed both restaurants equally in what the menu promised, pictures of it versus served, and overall taste plus service. Although they had a few jokes here and there about the "worst". I think they were fairly reasonable in their reviews. What do you think?

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