MoviePass is a service that's been around for a few years now, where you pay a monthly flat rate, and then you can go to see as many movies in the theater as you want.

However, yesterday they did kind of like a relaunch of their service.  They slashed the monthly cost of the service from $50 per month to $9.95!  So now, if you watch a ton of movies at the theaters, you're going to save potentially hundreds of dollars a year!

There are a few minor catches though, you can only go to one movie per day, and it doesn't include premium theaters like IMAX and 3-D.  Also, not every theater accepts MoviePass, although the company says 91% of them do.

The great news is Cinemark Theaters accepts MoviePass, so both of the theaters here in The Chuck are good to go!

To get your MoviePass, CLICK HERE!