Back on February 3rd, Wayne Toups stopped by our studio and we did the world premiere of his new single "A Good One" to all of you in Southwest Louisiana.  Wayne who is known for his terrific ballads has done it again.

His new single "A Good One" talks about how he lost his love and he has realized that he lost the woman who actually loved him unconditionally and now he regrets that he lost her.

When you tune into Gator 99.5, you will hear the song on the air.  It's a great song!  Give it a listen:

The song is now available on iTunes and you can download it now.

If you didn't see out three part interview with Wayne Toups then your in luck.  We have it here for you to watch and enjoy!

Also, how would you like to go on a vacation with Wayne Toups and see him perform his new song and all of his other greatest hits?  We have teamed up with him for a cruise to the Caribbean in December.