As many of you finalize preparations around your home for Hurricane Delta don't forget that you will need to protect your garage doors from the wind too.

I saw many garage doors bent or destroyed in the Lake Charles area after Hurricane Laura and here are a few ways you can protect this part of your home.

For one, you can always use a vehicle to be a barrier between the wind and the door. All that you have to do is park your car parallel to the door and your vehicle will become a barrier.

Sure, this will expose your vehicle to the elements during a storm, but it can be the difference between you having to replace a door or not once the storm passes.

Many have also noted that in the event of your door being damaged, your vehicle can protect property inside the garage and not allow someone to remove what may be in it.

Now, if you do decide to use your vehicle as a barrier, you should try to park as close as you can to the door.

If you don't want to use your vehicle to protect your garage door you can always use 2x4 boards to brace the door.

This is done from the inside of the garage and it takes very little time to create a brace as you can see in the video below.

I share this bit of information with you because often we forget about garage doors when it comes to protecting our homes during a storm. Get it done before it's too late and rest assured that you have all that you can to secure your property.


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