Some of you may know, I mention one of my best friends named Damon. He has been overseas posted near Afghanistan and listens religiously online to Gator 99.5. He even had a chance to call in an extremely long distance request. Well, after months and months of being in a time zone so far off, it was in the future, Damon is back in 'Merica. Although it won't be for long, it's always great to see him come home each time. He came by the Gator Studio the other day and got to schmooze with Kristi and Stringbean and the head of a giant 14ft alligator they caught. Kristi, being a 4 year Navy Vet, and Damon exchanged some stories back and forth and we all took some pictures together. It was a great time, and it's even better to have him home. Welcome home buckaroo!

Photo Feb 16, 2 04 09 PM


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