We hear it all of the time, "a long distance request". Usually it's a state away, maybe in another time zone. I got a call today from my buddy Damon who is stationed in Afghanistan! That's right, he is so far away that technically it's tomorrow over there. Damon listens to Gator 99.5 religiously : Mike Soileau in the morning, Classic Country Saturday Nights, and even your Buddy Russ in the afternoons! Damon, called me at the station earlier and wanted to request a song. Although I know him well, he is still not the type of guy you tell "NO" to.

"I wanted to tell you I love listening to your show and Gator 99.5. I want to request a song" is what he told me after I got over the initial shock of taking a request from "over the pond". It's truly an honor to play his request and just shows you the power of the internet. You can stream us live just as easily from anywhere! Just hit the "listen live" button our website or download our Gator 99.5 app and start jamming out as you please.

Find out what Damon requested this afternoon on Gator 99.5!

damon selfie

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