Gator 99.5 has the best listeners on the planet, and this video of Westlake Police Officer Doug Broussard lip syncing proves it!

Officer Broussard posted the above video on his page with the following message:

OK people! You asked for an encore, so here it is lol!! I also did this little number because Tracy at Gator 99.5 thought it would be cool if it was done in the Cop lip sync challenge, so here you go Tracy, hope I don't disappoint!! Feel free to share!!

Any of you who listen to me during your workday know I enjoy singing along, and Tim McGraw's "Something Like That" is one of my favorites. I also adore (yes, I love them that much) the law enforcement lip sync challenge.

By the way, you, most certainly, did not disappoint, Officer!

The lip sync video challenge between law enforcement agencies has taken on a life of its own. You only need to scroll through Facebook to understand.

Personally, I have enjoyed more than I can put into words seeing their joy, creativity, personality, and willingness to show their humanity. I have shared dozens of them, and the comments are fraught with laughs and digital love.

I'll share more from other SWLA agencies as I get them. Please feel free to post them on my Facebook Page or on the Gator 99.5 Facebook page.

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