It's no secret that Mike Soileau and I are HUGE Whataburger fans. Jewelry maker James Avery seems to be capitalizing on that fact (well that we all love Whataburger), and is making artisan jewelry for that lady in your life.

whata jewel 3

Now featuring the famous orange and white cup, this charm can be worn on a necklace or bracelet. The jewelry company has teamed up with Whataburger and is brining you these one-of-a-kind charms to show off how much you truly love the heaven on earth eatery.

whata jewel 4

The sterling silver charms feature authentic features and beautiful orange enamel. Fine jewelry like this ain't cheap though. The cup will run you $80 and the Texas charm is a bit cheaper at $60. Can you really put a price on Whataburger though?

Get yours today from the James Avery Store

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