Mardi Gras in Southwest Louisiana!

Seaux,... where are the BEST and the Worst places to watch the Merchants' Parade? Children's Parade? Krewe of Krewes' Parade??

Here's some feedback from Gator Country...

"The south side of Ryan Street. Usually around Prien Lake Rd and Ryan Street. Some people say close to the beginning because they have a lot of throws and all, but no one wants to throw the good stuff immediately and it's usually crowded there."  ...Julie, Moss Bluff

"Another good place is around the Capital One Building but I am always at the DA's office. It gets really crazy further down. Around 12th Street isn't very crowded and down around Don's Car Wash isnt either. Kmart is really crowded. If I am not at the DA's office then I am by Capital One so those are my favorite." ...Shannon, Moss Bluff

"OBs parking lot. Good entertainment, clean restrooms, food and drinks inside, and the best afterparty once the parades over. Decent parking. Lots of throws get thrown here. 7th and Ryan. Close to Locke park. Lots of big family gatherings near there. Close to beginning of route but not too close. Limited restroom access. " ...Jacob, Lake Charles ...Jacob, Grand Lake

"The WORST place is Ryan & Broad Street! The BEST place would probably be near Southern Spice on Ryan Street" ...Rebecca, Lake Charles

"We have gone for the past three years on Ryan Street by Books-A-Million... only thing is you have to be out there Early to get a space..."  ...Whitney, Welsh

"For me? I'd say the inside of the Gator Mobile so I can people watch the freaks as I drive the parade route! LOL" ...Kris, Gator 99.5

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