I know we as a people can not stop change, but can change be slowed down?

I understand change happens. Whether we like it or not. But everything is happening so so fast these days.

Flags? Race? God vs Uncle Sam? Gay rights? New look currency?

Will everyone just stop and take a breath... please.

Doug... It's all because everyone is deprived of Blue Bell!!

Daniel... Ya damn right enough is enough. This country use to be respectable but now we're just going to hell in a hand basket and our leaders just seem to be pushing us faster.

Sandra... God wrote the beginning and the end. Personally I'm just walking in faith and letting go and letting God!

Michelle... Oh my GOD. What is going on with this world. If u don't like what the UNITED STATES stands for..... Then just get the hell our of here. No one wants to hear the complaints about what happen. CENTURIES ago. What's,done is done and over. Everyone is equal. Sorry some of u are offended but the world has made up a lot for the past. LEAVE THE PAST IN THE PAST BECAUSE TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED BY GOD. DOES IT REALLY MATTER WHAT HAPPENED YEARS AGO. LIVE TODAY FOR WHAT IT IS AND LEAVE THE PAST ALONE.

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Angie... why can't we just go back to seeing Jesus on toast and in trees and stuff..

Josh... it is because people have become bored so there are exploring everything else it is a side effect of the internet it will never slow down again.

Kelly... I don't agree with a lot that's going on, so I find it easier to embrace the world around me rather than fight it . Only for my on peace of mind, and laugh at everything you just gotta laugh.

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