Had a large racoon stand on its hind legs and growl like a grizzly bear at me from 10ft, it took a arrow thru the chest. I called his bluff.

Lois... Not really attacked but I had a 5 foot iguana jump from the floor on to my chest while sitting on the couch. I liked to had a heart attack.

Warning! The follow video below has some naughty language.

Emily... Trying to take a picture of a swan at swan lake in South Carolina and the damn thing started getting closer and "oh cool get a better picture." No it then starts flapping its wings lunges forward and bites me on my thigh I was wearing shorts and I freaked till this day I do not take pictures of swans.

Toni... Yes... a huge boar hog! I got away though.

Windy... Yes, a squirrel!

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