Opinion time y'all. We all know and love Conway Twitty, right? Conway was one of those country artists that as soon as you heard his voice you knew immediately it was Conway Twitty singing.

Conway Twitty was and is still one of the best country music singers ever, don't you agree? Fun fact for you, Do you know Conway's real name?

Joni Twitty interview
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Conway Twitty's real name is Harold Lloyd Jenkins! Yep, it's true! So we were sitting here thinking about one of Conway Twitty's most iconic songs Goodbye Time. If you are a country music singer, you have sung this song live at one point and time.

National and regional country artists have even recorded their version of Goodbye Time and released it. From Blake Shelton to Glen Templeton on a national level to Kevin Barton and Gyth Rigdon on a local regional level and so many more but we are going to stick with these four artists.

Here is the original version by Conway Twitty:

Now that you have listened to the original, here's the question! Which artist has the best cover version of the song ever? Take a listen to all these and let us know.

Here is Blake Shelton's version:

Here is a local Southwest Louisiana boy, Kevin Barton's version:

Here is Glen Templeton's version:

Here is Gyth Rigdon's version:

So whose version is the best? Go back to our Facebook page and let us know.

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