Have you ever been to a restaurant or a store and come out to the parking lot to see a Jeep with a rubber duck on it? Have you ever wondered why in the heck is there a duck on that jeep door handle?

You may see some Jeeps with a bunch of rubber ducks on their dashboard and wonder, Huh? Well, they are displaying those like a badge of honor, and here is why. We did some investigating and found out some answers on why Jeep people DUCK other Jeep owners.

Photo By Mike Soileau
Photo By Mike Soileau

According to autotrader.ca,

Any Jeep can be ducked, not just Wranglers. The whole purpose is to be kind and spread kindness. The private group exists to post photos of ducks given and ducks received and has more than 67,000 members and thousands of posts. There are also almost 200,000 posts on Instagram with the #duckduckJeep tag.

We love this. It is nice to see people doing fun things just to make someone smile!

Phot by Mike Soileau
Photo by Mike Soileau

So if you buy a Jeep and you are parked somewhere, you most likely will get "Ducked"  by another Jeep owner. We have talked to some Jeep owners here in Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana and they say they are honored to be ducked by someone else and it brightens up their day. They feel like they are in the club now.

Some Jeep owners go as far as getting online and buying a case of rubber ducks so they have them handy when they see another Jeep that they haven't Ducked yet. How fun is this?

So we hope we answered the question, Why do people Duck Jeeps?

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