If you can’t find William Michael Morgan, just wait a few days. It’s likely he'll turn up. According to his new video for “Missing,” sometimes he just needs some time alone …somewhere. Anywhere.

In the video, the artist packs it up and drives aimlessly through the California desert in a vintage truck, not really concerned about a destination. He parks it on the side of a road, lounges by a pool at a low-end motel and plays his guitar until the sun sets, enjoying his time off the grid, which he says is sometimes exactly what he needs.

“Everyone needs to get missing from time to time,” Morgan told Taste of Country about the song. “Whether it’s a big city, the country, or a little beach town.”

The clever tune shows off Morgan’s old-school style and laid-back approach to life. It's the second single from his debut album, Vinyl. Written by Mark Irwin, Andrew Dorff and Josh Kear, the song is steadily creating a buzz since its release in November.

Filmed in Palm Springs, Calif., the video is a perfect fit for the traditional artist, who dons jeans and a cowboy hat in the middle of a sunset-soaked cowboy’s paradise. Get some solitude with Morgan in the full video above.

Morgan’s debut single “I Met a Girl” -- co-written by Sam Hunt -- was a breakout hit. It earned him his first No. 1 single, which he called a “dream come true.”

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