Kelsea Ballerini is showing off her fun and flirty side in the sassy new video for her current single, "Yeah Boy."

The newly-released clip finds Ballerini performing the pop-country song in an outfit that shows off her legs, incorporating some dance moves into a video that demonstrates a definite throwback pop vibe with its sets and bright colors. Ballerini joins a lineup of dancers that's reminiscent of '00s-era MTV.

“I definitely love pushing boundaries and I've always loved strong female artists in every genre, and Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson are some of my favorites,” the singer-songwriter tells Teen Vogue. “I probably picked up some of their performance tendencies that I put in my live show and in this video.”

Ballerini recently undertook her first-ever headlining tour, and she drew from the live shows for the new clip.

"We wanted the video to be a lot like the tour, and mimic all the bright lights and colors and outfits," she shares. "I wanted to incorporate some dancers into this video because I've always loved dance; I feel like this song is perfect for that because it's very bouncy and fun."

Ballerini scored a No. 1 hit straight out of the gate with her debut single, "Love Me Like You Mean It," and followed it up with "Dibs," establishing a strong up-tempo pop vibe in her sound. She took a turn in a more serious direction with her third single, "Peter Pan," which scored Ballerini her third consecutive No. 1 hit.

Ballerini was recently announced as one of the nominees in the all-genre category of Best New Artist in the 2017 Grammy Awards, and she says "Peter Pan" was crucial to that nomination.

"Yeah Boy" is the fourth single from her debut album, The First Time, and Ballerini wanted to return to the vibe that built her radio success for the album's final single. She's currently at work on her sophomore release, which she says will document the ups and downs of her life over the past several years.

“There’s just been a lot of life that’s happened,” Ballerini says. “Personally, (I) went through a breakup, met someone else. Just a lot of like things have happened. There’s been a lot stuff to write about and get a little real with.”

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