While your kids are doing all the hard work tonight walking and knocking on doors, you get ready for a night filled with candy and wine when the kids go to bed!

Apparently, CoastalLiving.com and Vivino.com have been having a ball trying different wines and candy to get you the best pairings for this Halloween night.

Anyone who says they don't raid their kids' candy bucket after they fall asleep is a liar.  Sorry, the truth hurts sometimes.  Anyway, Halloween is just as much a kid's holiday as it is for adults.

I know I look forward to this day, and I even go a step further and tell my kids not to eat too much so they will have some left for the next few days under the facade that I'm teaching them responsibility and how to show restraint, but the real reason is I want some good candy later that night.

Check out the list below, and make your shopping list for later today after work:

  • Butterfinger.  Try it with a buttery chardonnay.  The flavors go best with a white wine.  Ideally, one that's medium-bodied.
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Try a Lambrusco.  It's a sweet wine that goes well with peanut butter for the same reason jelly does.
  • Kit Kats, or anything that's mostly about the chocolate.  Go with a Pinot Noir or a Syrah.  Definitely something red.
  • Candy corn.  Pop a bottle of champagne or Prosecco.  Apparently, the waxiness of the candy corn goes well with bubbles.
  • Snickers.  Go with a deep, rich Syrah.  It goes well with chocolate and nuts.
  • Starburst, Nerds, or anything else that's straight sugar.  Pair it with a dry Riesling, or a dry rosé.  You're already getting enough sugar, so you don't want anything too sweet.

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