Rodney Carrington- Facebook
Rodney Carrington- Facebook

Rodney Carrington's "Here Comes The Truth" show will make a stop at the Rosa Heart Theater on October 10th. Thanks to his amazing Twitter skills, you can follow him (@laughtersgood) as he makes his way through the midwest, along the west coast, across the nation to Dixieland, and finally into southwest Louisiana.

The Longview, TX, native has certainly learned how to make the most of social media and the latest platforms available to keep himself available to his audiences. He has a YouTube channel and a show available on Netflix called "Laughter's Good." Rodney never misses an opportunity to steer his more than 30-thousand followers on Twitter to either every chance he gets.

He not only uses Twitter to make those videos and shows known. He, of course, announces upcoming shows. But you can also see the occasional "see you in 15 minutes" to awaiting fans at some venues.

Rodney Carrington's 90 minute stand-up show is not for anyone who is easily offended by four-letter words or talk of human anatomy (to put it mildly). He's a... ahem... connoisseur of the female physique and the horizontal games people play. And he's not afraid to joke about them.

But there is a point to all of his adult humor and jokes about how he lived through divorce. That's to make his audience laugh. And laugh, you will.

Tickets for the Rodney Carrington show on October 10th are available now at the Lake Charles Civic Center Box office or through

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