So decided to take a walk last night in the country. Just a chubby guy trying yet again to shed some pounds before the Dog Days of Summer, ya know? And then... something odd was witnessed by yours truly.

I walk 100 yards from my house when I start hearing meeeeeoooow. Okay, so I try not to pay it any attention, but then I here it again and it's coming from directly behind me. So, I turn around and Lord Behold... it's the two newest editions to my family: Silba and Blackie, cats that my son picked up from a friend. They were indeed stalking me.

Do they feel I need protection? Do they feel I have given up on life in the country and have decided to run away, so they are trying to stop me? Hmmmm? Do I need to buy a leash??

So, I continue with my walk...getting meowed at. I decide to turn around and these two furballs decide to haul it back to the house. I guess they were rejoicing that their master is returning to the house.

You just can't make this crap up, ya know?


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