I have been considering cleaning up my Facebook friends list, so I thought up a plan.

I asked my "Facebook Friends" to comment on this status, sharing how we met. But I want them to LIE. I did recieve some interesting feedback. LOL

Dwain Johnson We met at the White House.

Heather Maronge We met while training pigs to fly.

Jeanie Vail At the North Pole, checking Santa's list for the 3rd time!!

Mandy Bellow At a magical rainbow tutu fairy party celebrating frozen

Sheila Kinney You were auditioning for the new Bond Movie....I was to be the stunt double....((lmao)

Margie Carnahan At a Saints game where you scored the winning touchdown against the Dirty Birds!

Monica Schexnider I had you arrested because you were stalking me, but I'm a forgiving person, so I let you friend me on FB 

Patricia Robertson You took me for a ride in the bat mobile. We rode all over Lake Charles. We raced the Joker up the I -10 bridge, and won. LMAO

Kay Abshire You were walking on the beach, you seen a beautiful bottle, you open it up, and i be damn, started smoking and this beautiful woman came out and here I am to stay weve been friend forever. Please stop rubbing the bottle! I'm the only one. You are Stuck!

What can I say? I did ask for it.



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