The hot subject on Friday, for National Gumbo Day, was strange ingredients that we put in gumbo. The obvious ingredients were there: chicken, potato salad, boiled eggs. Then, things got a little crazy. Listeners called in with some of the strangest things they either eat, or have experienced eating. From in-laws putting McDonalds french fries and serving it over grits; to adding vinegar to their bowl.


I decided to make a compilation of the best (and weirdest) answers that were called in on Friday and share them. Just remember, a Gumbo is whatever you make it. I believe a Gumbo is made with the intent to share with family and friends. Everyone makes it a bit differently, but it's a great way to bring the ones close to you together, or make new friends along the way. So no matter what you put in it, remember the secret ingredient that my dad always told me. "Make it with love".

Without further ado, I present to you, the best (or worst), Gumbo ingredient answers.



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